Welcome to the official website of Alphawave Records, a record label based in Slovenia.

Alphawave Records is a medium for transmission of the world’s most recognizable as well as the fresh new talented artists’ repertoire to electronic dancefloors around the globe, developing a strong musical and brand identity.

On this website you can find all of our releases to this day. Enjoy the music and let us know how you like it.

Demo submission: demo[at]alphawave[dot]si
Mastering service: marko[at]alphawave[dot]si


LXS, Alexander Madness, Maximus Bellini - Farida EP

LxS, a soldier of the slovenian new wave techno army presents his track Farida at Alphawave Records. His dedication to a harder sound is shown with extreme energy on this track. The uplifting transition that intensifies the track is combined with a low pitched vocal. The two features create a contrast that leads to a stomping ride throughout this masterpiece. Alexander Madness strikes with a deeper sounding version with vocal cuts that make a track funkier. With its dynamic rhythmic elements, this one has the best potential to rock most various dance floors out there. The most playful version for sure is Maximus Bellini’s remix. The baseline in the transition and the stabs joining somewhere in the middle are creating a scent of the old school techno but other elements fill the track to a perfect harmony of modern techno sound that the crowds everywhere will surely find enjoyable.
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Bagagee Viphex13, Serhio Vegas, Desyn, itzaia - From Korea To France

Alphawave goes global and shows that music has no boarders. On this EP two uprising producers connect Korea and France. No idealism, no nationalism, no politics, pure music and respect to one another only. Bagagee Viphex13’s Padak Padak is an energetic track with funky vocals and dynamic bassline. Serhio Vegas & Desyn’ s Remix – slightly harder, perfectly building energy throughout the track – is suitable for the peak of the night. Itzaia, young hope in modern electronic music hits the release with the track Big size. Massive bassline is punching the track and shaking your internal organs.
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Schuhmacher, Egoism, Daniel Greenx, Niko Vitano - Contrast EP

Mike Schuhmacher, currently one of the hottest names of electronic dance music is hitting the dance floors with a melodic and very dynamic track called Contrast. The proper ratio between the dynamic rhythm and uplifting melody is the key to keep the crowd ecstatic and moving. Egoism presents his version of Contrast with stronger sound, keeping it firm and powerful. An energizing remix by Daniel Greenx is a proof of quality of this young producer from Slovenia. Niko Vitano gives us more percussions in his view of the track and serious drive throughout it.

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BlazV, Baly, Maximus Bellini - Motion Picture EP

Maximus Bellini is the producer who is shaking the floors around the world with energetic techno and tech-house and he is the best of him on Alphawave Records with the track Motion Picture. The track has addictive driving bassline, full with power and energy. There is just enough melody to keep people smiling. BlazV, well known for his dynamic feel for techno and perfect ear is bringing us his vision of Motion Picture, which is sure shot for everyone who wants the energy in his set. More percussions and more soul is bringing Baly’s remix, which is suitable for tech-house as well as techno sets, it’s energy is gaining from the beginning and it reaches it’s peak somewhere in the middle, driving people crazy.

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Niko Vitano - Unnatural Perception EP

New Alphawave Records release is bringing you two energetic dancefloor bombs by Niko Vitano. Unnatural Behaviour is groovy track for the peak of the night. Vocals makes it richer and more powerful for the clubbers to dance their head off. Unnatural Dream is funkier and more rhythmical, with some housy vocals in the break to electrify the atmosphere in the club even more.

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