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LXS, Alexander Madness, Maximus Bellini - Farida EP

LxS, a soldier of the slovenian new wave techno army presents his track Farida at Alphawave Records. His dedication to a harder sound is shown with extreme energy on this track. The uplifting transition that intensifies the track is combined with a low pitched vocal. The two features create a contrast that leads to a stomping ride throughout this masterpiece. Alexander Madness strikes with a deeper sounding version with vocal cuts that make a track funkier. With its dynamic rhythmic elements, this one has the best potential to rock most various dance floors out there. The most playful version for sure is Maximus Bellini’s remix. The baseline in the transition and the stabs joining somewhere in the middle are creating a scent of the old school techno but other elements fill the track to a perfect harmony of modern techno sound that the crowds everywhere will surely find enjoyable.
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